Despite Being Robbed, Basket Mouth Is Seen Celebrating With Friends

Basket Mouth

Basket Mouth

Nigerian comedian, Basket Mouth is not for any reason allowing anything steal his happiness away.

Despite the fact that him and his family where held on gunpoint by robbers who catered away with valuables, the comedian is back to his cheerful self.

His friends has gone over to cheer him up and he has decided not to allow what took place earlier in the day to wail him down.

He was seen celebrating with friends as they all were laughing and drinking together in a post shared on social media by his friend and colleague Bovi. This only show how much his friends loves him.

The comedian went on to assure Nigerians not worry about him anymore that all that was stolen would be replaced.

In his words: “so i was robbed today, so we celebrate, all that was stolen would be replaced. Still breathing.”

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