I Never Loved My Husband- Ese Walter-Ark

 Ese Walter-Ark
Ese Walter-Ark didn’t marry because she was in love with the man who saved her from the dungeon of controversies years back.

All she needed was a name that will cover the bad name that she got when her affair with a popular preacher was unveiled to the public.

She said “When I agreed to marry him two and a half years ago I didn’t love him. Heck I didn’t love my own self. I just needed a change of story. I needed to stop being the girl everyone called an evil mistress and “graduate” to somebody’s Mrs. I thought the Mrs title was going to save my ass and bring me some sort of redemption. I was wrong.

When she married, it was not what she expected “Calling what happened next a disaster is putting it mildly. Weeks into living together brought out the worse in both of us. I thought I made a mistake. I didn’t trust him so why was I married to him. We would argue over everything and I convinced myself I wanted out despite the baby on the way.

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