Don’t be Deceived With My Pretty Looks…Nkechi Sunday Warns

Nkechi Sunday

Nkechi Sunday

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Sunday, has come to warn her fans and people around her not to get carried away by her pretty looks and curvy body as she is all out for serious business.

She stated that the hustle has not been easy but she sure knows what she wants and how to it things done her way.

Nkechi noted that many have been deceived by her looks without knowing that she is that strong woman that is all out to do business as she has been taught several lessons in life.

In her words, “Her hustle is though, and her swag outstanding. Most are fooled by the pretty face, but this Queen can hold her own and then some. She knows how to handle her business. Experiences have taught her who to keep in her Court and while she may seem to be too much for a joker, she’s perfect for a king….ME.”

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