PLEASE HELP! My Younger Sister Is Having Se*x Already….. What Do I Do?


Please friends I need your advice…


I’m 26, I don’t usually go through people’s phone but recently I stumbled on my 18 years old sister’s phone. So I went through her whatsapp chat with a guy I’ve been suspecting she’s having something to do with.

Earlier this year I advised her about relationships generally when I found out about him. Now going through her phone I found out she’s having sex with him now.

What do I do? Should I confront her? Or just keep quiet and allow her experience life? Considering the fact that I have been advising her and if she wanted to take my advice she would have, and no matter how much I talk to her if she won’t take it she won’t and so she’ll still do it.


She’s not really stubborn, she doesn’t even go out much. She’s going to 200L now and she’s really doing well (a 4 pointer). She’s really fragile even though she looks strong on the outside, and from their conversation the guy is not serious with her, I just don’t want her to get hurt and get distracted from her education.

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