PLEASE HELP! Am in Love with my Sister’s Husband, What can I do to make Him divorce Her and marry Me?


What can i do to make them divorce?
Dear friends,
I am a 23 years gal.
Have been in a relationship with my sisters husband for 5 years now without my


sisters noticing,sometimes we stay together,sometimes i stay away from them,
It started immediately i cleared my high school..
i dont know how its happen but i felt in love with him because he was my 1st man,
up to now i love him and he too loves me,
im almost clearing my university studies only some months remaining…I have told

him to break up because i dont want my sister to know this but he insisted on  marrying me!
im totally confused by now because i need 2 settle after my studies.
What can i do to make them divorce?
Is there any strong witch craft who can help?
Advise me please

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