7 Powers You Didn’t Know Your Vag!na Has

7 things your vagina can do
Do you know all you need to know about your v@gina? The things on this list could surprise you.
1. It cleans itself: The discharge is your v@gina’s way of cleaning itself. So there is no need to overdo it with cleaning. Soap and water is fine.
2. It changes colour: During $exual arousal or pregnancy, blood flow to the genitals changes and that can result in a color change making it a deeper, darker colour.
3. It gets bigger: When you are aroused,  there’s a lot of blood flowing down to the nether regions, and blood vessels in the v@gina become dilated. This causes the v@gina and genitopelvic area to become enlarged.
4. It can talk to you: Okay, don’t freak out yet, but there is a lot you can tell about what is going on in your body by listening to your v@gina. If you notice something different-than-usual is going on, it’s usually best to head to the doc to get it checked out.
5. It protects itself: You cannot just insert anything in there, it will be pushed right back out. The v@gina connects to the uterus, but the cer-vix acts like a barrier between the two.


6. It can trap a pen!s: Although, this is rare, it has been reported. When this happens, the pel-vic muscles of the v@gina clamp down on the pen!s much more firmly than usual, which can make it difficult or impossible to remove the pen!s from the v@gina.
7. It can have 4 different 0rgasm:  While men can only have one, women are capable of having 4 different kinds of 0rgasms. They are
Cli-toral: When you 0rgasm simply through the stimulation of the cli-toris, without v@ginal penetration.
V@ginal: An orgasm that’s a result of v@ginal penetration, primarily, with little or no cli-toral stimulation.
Blended: When you have cli-toral, v@ginal, and cerv-ical stimulation (cer-vical stimulation can be painful for some women and pleasurable for others).
Multiple: When a woman slightly relaxes after one 0rgasm—but not completely—and is then aroused again, resulting in multiple experiences of 0rgasmic pleasure in rapid succession.

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