Shameful Habits Ladies Possess That Will Make Their Boyfriend Dump Them


In recent time, the rate of sudden break up in relationships is quite alarming due to intolerable attributes which can make lover boys dump them in a wink without thinking twice.
However, many that are dumped by the reason of these habits will start running from Churches to Mosques, Pastors to Alfas, Herbalists to Guru Maraji the moment that innocent dude who has promised them marriage call it a quit


Now let’s analyze these shameful habits

1. Untidiness, Laziness, And Looking Unkempt

It’s very evident that some ladies can soak their towels, underwear and clothes for days without worrying about the smell emanating from it.

However, many of them only manage to tidy up and arrange their rooms properly especially when they are expecting male visitor but when you see these same ladies on the streets or mobile network, they look better than Beyonce on social network. I trust the larger percentage of guys can only tolerate that.

2. Begging For Money And Recharge Card

The notion that men are made to provide for them turned many ladies into developing gold digging habits. Some beg for recharge card, mobile phones and all sort of perishable parameters from every Tom, Dick and Harry. When the boyfriends cannot cope with that disgusting habit and dump them, they will keep saying most men don’t appreciate good ladies.

3. Double Dating

There’s only a slight difference between some so called girlfriend and prostitutes.

However, many of them are so covetous that they keep many species of guys for financial assistance despite the fact that the innocent dude is everything his best to ensure she’s satisfied yet still keeps many magas under the cloak of not keeping all her eggs in one basket.

4. Lack of Vision, Goal and Objectives In Life

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