Married Woman Caught Cheating with a Business Man in his Packing Store [VIDEO]

This tragic drama that took place in mombasa, Kenya has left a permanent regret on a married woman who was caught red-handed behind locked doors with another man.
From our source, we learnt that the witness who has a restaurant across the street saw this married woman with a business man who owns a packing store adjacent to her restaurant. Actually it was the second time she saw them entering the store but didn’t know what was happening until they repeated the scene some days later. Knowing the man’s wife fully well, she quickly called and informed her about the weird drama that’s going on in their packing store. The victim’s wife hurried down to the scene, and with the help of some men around, they quickly broke through the door only to discover that the man had already escaped through the roof, leaving only the married woman who pleaded with them not to let her husband know about the illicit act.
Well, no evil deeds shall be left unpunished.. she had to face the consequences of her abominable acts…
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