This Lady’s 5 Business Lessons From Olamide Don Jazzy Clash Are Mind-blowing

(clearly a big fan of Don Jazzy) shared 5 business lessons on Instagram and they are worth reading.

1) Olamide said:

“U de chance ur boys .. Dem de call u baba ..
My niggas call me brother”!!!!!

Her Lesson

In successful business you have to put things in perspective, Don Jazzy is a C.E.O of a company and should be addressed as one. What I mean is that Don Jazzy is to Marvin what Mike Adenuga is to Glo.

(2) Olamide said:

I called to strike a deal with Dija
And fucking gave her Manager to call me
fuck nigga

Her Lesson

To run a successful business, a good administrative structure is highly required. An average business man with a good administration/structure will always out do a talented person without structure. At the end of the day bills, royalties, salaries, bank loans must be paid and profit must declared.

(3) Olamide said:

Ppl wey
de produce for u wey u de put ur name ?
Fuck boy

Her Lesson

Synergy. For you to succeed in any sphere of human endeavour, you have to learn how to leverage on other people’s talent. Big businesses all over the world practice it, Don jazzy shouldn’t be an exception.

4) He was accused of buying the award

Her Lesson

Network. Your network goes along way to determine your net worth. He knows how to roll with the big boys/king makers. A successful C.E.O will always relate with another successful C.E.O. It’s not all about a relationship, it’s about strategic relationship.

5) His artist had the highest number of vote followed by Cynthia Morgan

Her Lesson

Big boys work smart. It’s on record that don jazzy has one of the highest followership on social media,and he knows how to maximise it. Successful business men don’t work hard rather the work smart.

6) Olamide said he too dey package

Her Lesson

In business packaging enhances value, you don’t dress and behave like a suspect and expect people to treat you like a prospect. Quality product and proper packaging is one of the fastest way to secure an endorsement.

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