How to Gain Weight Fast (For Men, Women and Girls)


Jack was a skinny boy from his childhood and now want to gain weight fast. He often did not follow proper diet. He did not have any girlfriends until now. He is just entering university life and wants to get hooked up soon. However, most of the time he gets rejected because of him being skinny. This has made him seriously frustrated. He really wants to break the cycle and come out of it. If your story matches with that of Jack, or want to know how to gain weight fast to have a desired body, you can simply follow these easy steps:

How to Gain Weight Fast

1.) Gain Weight Fast with Proper Eating

If you see the case of Jack, you can easily know that he was skinny because he did not like to eat much. So, you can simply start putting on weight by eating from time to time. If you are too skinny, you may have a very high metabolism rate. You need to eat more protein and more frequently because of a high metabolism.


2.) Don’t Just Eat Fat, Eat Healthy Fats to Gain Weight Fast

Egg yolks, meat with animal fat, etc. are a very common source of healthy fats. If you want to gain weight without adding harmful fat to your body, then you can simply try out these foods.

3.) Build Muscle Mass by Having a High Protein Intake and Gain Weight

Protein helps you build muscle. So, if you are planning to gain weight, you should also start to increase your protein intake. Eggs, animal liver, animal meat, milk are a great source of protein. You can also drink protein shake to meet your requirement. However, if you are a vegetarian, it will be difficult to get the protein amount needed. In that case, you can take protein supplements as an alternative.

4.) Start Weight Training to Gain Weight

You should not only plan on diet to gain weight, but also start weight training so that the combination of both can give you the body you desire. If you don’t plan to be a body builder, you should always do with light exercise training. After your workout, sit and rest a while and have orange or banana juice. This will not only increase your calorie intake, but also stimulate the process of gaining weight.

5.) Increase Your Calorie Intake to Gain Weight

Calories are necessary for you to gain weight. Every food has calorie; some are low, while others are high in calorie. You should check by yourself which food is suitable for you in all terms and make a calorie chart. A planned consumption will help you get the weight you want.

6.) Take Dietary Supplements to Gain Weight

You should consult with your doctor first before taking any kind of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are used to cover your body’s need. Taking supplements without consulting the doctor might turn out risky. It may cause an over consumption of vitamin which may lead to several complications.

7.) Consume Fast Foods to Gain Weight