How to Know if a Guy Likes You?

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Have a crush on a guy and you are not sure whether he likes you or not? The feeling which you are having for him are mutual or not? Or either if you want to know out of curiosity that the guy who was checking you out is due to some sort of interest into you or just casually? Just because he hasn’t confessed his feelings doesn’t mean there is nothing cooking up in his mind or the feeling is not mutual. He might be crazy about you but not every guy is good at expressing his feeling you have to find out that whether he really likes you or it is you only who is making love castles in your dreams. For also, getting further into any relationship you need to know what is in the mind of the other person. It seems difficult at the surface level to know if a guy likes you but it is not any rocket science to crack.

How to know if a guy likes you other than asking him directly this might be the thought you are having day and night. Don’t worry there are various steps to know if a guy likes you or not but you have to follow few steps mentioned in this article to find out what is in his heart.

How to Know If a Guy Likes You

Signs to Know if a Guy Likes You

1.) He is a Good Observer

If he is a good observer and knows very little details about you which unknowingly slipped out of your mouth and if he still remembers that after a very long time. He knows how you play with your hair when your feel shy or cross your fingers while lying observing him will help you to know if a guy likes you or not. Even if you never mentioned this to anyone then also he knows much more about you. Then the reason behind it may be his liking for you but it is just a beginning you cannot be very sure with just this proof. Wait and look for the next clue before getting any further conclusion.

2.) Makes Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a good sign and a sign of boldness. Does he try to make an eye contact with you very often? Or have you ever caught him secretly looking at you? Does it happen a lot? If yes then it is a very good point in your favor and a step further to be sure of that he has feelings for you.

When you will talk his eyes will be staring at you keenly and would hold the eye contact. Well!! Few guys are not that bold to make an eye contact with their crush but they will always try to look at you secretly.

3.) He is a Good Listener

Girls and guys are a lot different. They think differently act differently and also has different opinions about the things should be done. Many times girls need someone to listen to them without being judged. If that guy listens to you very calmly and with patience then you surely are a lucky girl. Does he try to hear you or make efforts to understand whatever you are saying instead of keeping on bragging about him then it may be a great yes sign! Keeping an eye on how he positions himself during a conversation will help reveal how interested he is in being with you.


4.) Treats You Differently

No two people have the same place in your life they differ a bit slightly. When a person is important to us we treat them better than the others. So, if he likes you then he would treat you special. He might not bring flowers or chocolates for you but his way of treating you would be different from the ways he treats other girls. Does he treat you differently? When a guy is interested in you, he might start behaving differently towards you, like shifting himself closer to you in any seating arrangement, or putting his arm around the back of your chair. These are signs which show that he’s interested in you. Few guys also use the opposite tricks like they will tease you or flirt with you to get closer to you.

5.) Initiates a Conversation

If any Guy initiates conversation every time even if you don’t bother to talk then he might be into you. People generally don’t bother to talk to others if they are not interested. You have shown no interest in talking to him and still he is like always the one to start the conversation. He might ask you about your well-being or your plans for the weekends there can be anything he can enquire about to start the conversation with you. Boys generally don’t prefer to talk with any random person thus if any guy is trying hard to keep the conversation going on then he definitely likes you.

6.) Make Plans 

What are your plans for this weekend? Does this question pop out of his mouth very often? Does he keep on making plans which involve you both? Even if he never asks directly or personally he makes group plans so that you can be together. This means he wants to be with you and clearly is hesitating in asking you directly. He likes to hang out with you and enjoys your company may also mean that he likes you. It these happens with you then you have one more point to be sure that he likes you. So, to be sure that if a guy likes you don’t forget to check this point.

7.) Guys Get Protective

He is very protective towards you, never lets you go alone after a late night working hours or texts you to ask about your whereabouts. He genuinely cares about you and offers help whenever it is necessary. Is he very sweet towards you and very protective? He gets angry or sad when you don’t take care of yourself? These all are pointing in one thing only that he likes you. Yes, if he does all these for you then definitely he has a special place for you in his heart.

8.) Touches You

He tries to come close to you either to help you out or by any other reasons but not in an any inappropriate manner. If a guy likes a girl it is very hard for him to stay away from that girl. He will hold your hand longer while shaking hands. Will hug you there may be a lot of reasons but the point is he would try to stay close to you as soon as possible. And he would flinch when you would touch him. You can try touching him and look how does he react does he move away from you or stays closer. His reactions would make it clear to you about his feelings for you.

9.) Tries to Impress

He would boast about his achievements, about his degrees or the skills he possesses. If a guy likes you he would also ask your comments on the things he does which will make you go amazed about him. He would dress up well and stay clean. He would look after him that how does he looks so that it would help him to impress you. He will also try to show you that he is powerful, boys like to believe girls that they are safe with them so he would try to show his strength or will narrate his fight stories in which he probably won over everyone else. This is also a good sign to know if a guy likes you.

10.) Gets Jealous

Jealousy is a very strong evidence to know if a guy likes you or not look for this point. Does he get jealous because you hang out with other guys? Or he saw you getting closer to other guy and he started acting weird or ignoring or even got angry with you? You can see jealousy on his face very clearly. Even in the office, he cannot stand you laughing and talking to other guys but him. He feels bad when you make plans without him and when you give more importance to any other guy.

These all points can help you to keep the ball in your court by making you know if a guy likes you or not. This will help you to work according to that.

Also, Check this video to understand how guys react when they like you.

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