How to be Popular in Middle School?


You may want to be popular in middle school. You may be craving for that attention which some other students get in your school. Well, you can do some simple things to get popular. It does not require an out of the world talent to seek popularity in your school days. You just have to be original and direct. Your body may undergo some biological changes and you may face some challenges in making out your nice image in your school. Don’t get stressed and focus on your strengths to make yourself popular in your middle school.

How to be Popular in Middle School

Best Ways to be Popular in Middle School:

1) Socialize and Make Friends to be Popular in Middle School

You should be friendly and socially active to become popular among other students. This is the best way to get to know different students and make relations with them. Befriend them to increase your social group. The more number of students know about you, the more popular you tend to become. Thus, try to interact with people around you to know them in a better way. However, don’t consider every other student your best friend.

2) Show Your Real Side to be Popular in Middle School

You should be the real you to make an impression on other’s mind. Don’t try to be someone else or don’t copy anyone. It is your genuine nature which gets counted in the long run. By faking your personality you just create an illusion on which other people believe. It may not work for you once you want to get back to your original character. Moreover, people are bored with meeting fake people. They don’t need another fake person.

3) Love Yourself to be Popular in Middle School

If you want to get loved by people around you then you should first love yourself. You can make some changes to your personality in order to improve yourself as a person. Change those habits which are bothering you for some time. Work on your weaknesses to come out as an attractive person. You just need to trust your instincts to act confident. Feeling good about yourself can improve your confidence too. Take your good qualities into account to love yourself.


4) Show Honesty to be Popular in Middle School

Students around you may get attracted to your honesty. You should give genuine advice to other people. Say what you feel like saying to them. Don’t be diplomatic and flattering. However, you should not be rude while being honest. Do not speak something which may hurt other person badly. Do not cheat with your friends and show them your loyalty. You can win their trust to become popular.

5) Participate in Different Activities to be Popular in Middle School

You should participate in different activities to let people know what your inner talents are. You may join a sports team or a school club. It will diversify the types of people you are meeting around. You may get the chance to lead them and make good relations with them. Your skills will get improved in the process and you may handle a large group in future. It will surely improve your popularity among students of your school.

6) Make People Laugh to be Popular in Middle School

You can use your sense of humour to make them like you. Generally, people like to be with that person who is very much talented in small talks and who can make them laugh out louder. You may crack some hilarious jokes or you may use your wit to make the moment lighter. Try to enact some other person or mimic them to entertain others. However, don’t make fun of anyone in this process. They may create wrong perception of yours. Give respect to earn respect.

7) Look Happy to be Popular in Middle School

You should not stress yourself because of petty issues. Face challenges and learn to handle tough situations calmly. People may love this attitude of yours. They may like to be with you and seek help from you in the time of crisis. You may laugh on yourself and make people think that you are not much serious about yourself. Moreover, you won’t get the tag of being arrogant. Generally, popular girl or guy show of their attitude and end up being arrogant.

8) Show Confidence to be Popular in Middle School

If you radiate confidence with your personality then people may definitely admire it. You should hold a confident expression and walk confidently to be attractive to others. However, it will take some time to build enough confidence in your personality. You should keep trying to act confidently. By doing this, you may be able to develop some confidence in your attitude. Make eye contact with people while talking to them. Walk with keeping your stature tall.

9) Excel at Something to be Popular in Middle School

You should try to find out what you are best in. Utilize your talent and skill to grab attention of people around you. You can be a good painter or dancer or you may excel in your studies. People may come to know about it and you can be popular. Moreover, it is good for you to have some great skills. It will help building your character. You will become more focused and will dedicate your most of the time in sharpening those skills. Thus, you may less care about people’s thinking for you and may become more confident.

10) Look Good to be Popular in Middle School

You should take proper care of your personal hygiene and keep yourself well-groomed. People like to be with well-groomed persons. Wear clean clothes and keep your body clean. Your nails should be trimmed. However, you should not apply makeup, if you are a girl. That will make you look much older than your age. It is better to flaunt your natural beauty. Similarly, if you are a guy then you don’t need to wear trendiest shoes or jeans to attract others. Giving a little attention to your looks will be enough for you.

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