How to Ask a Girl Out at School?


Asking a girl out is not so easy especially in school. Girls are very difficult to read and understand in school. Girls want guys who desire them because of who they are not because of how they look. You like a girl in your school and you find her attractive and intelligent. You are attracted to that girl. You want to spend time with her but you don’t know how to ask a girl out. Here in this article, we will give you some amazing tips to ask a girl out at school.

For some guys asking a girl out is a scary thing and for some, it is an easy act. If you like a girl and you want her to like you back then you should try to do your initial move. Love is such a beautiful experience. If you have decided to enjoy the love experience then go ahead. Every girl loves the special moments. To get a yes, make your moments sweet and extraordinary. No matter whether you are a bold guy or shy guy, there are many ways to ask a girl out at school.

How to ask a girl out at school

Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out at School:

1.) Be Her Friend First

If you want to ask a girl out at school, then need to know each other first. It is not important that you become best friends and it is probably better if you are not. It will help you if you know each other a bit because she may know you or she may think that you are a nice guy. If she doesn’t know who you are then she will have a less chance of saying yes when you ask her out.

  • Be friendly with her. Say simply “Hi” to her and call her by name to show that you are thinking about her.
  • Ask her “How your day is going” or you can give her a light compliment.
  • Pay a little bit of attention to her. Wave to her sits behind you in class or if she walks past you in the halls.

2.) Flirt with Her

You have to create a bit of chemistry if you want her to go out with you. You should be a little bit flirtatious to her. Laugh together, be playful or playfully tease her to have a real connection. Compliment her a new outfit which she is wearing, tease her if she not sensitive or make her laugh and let her see that you like her. If you are in a group setting then pay attention to her, but don’t control her time.


3.) Know if She Likes You

There is no other way to know if she likes you until you ask her out. You can notice some signs that you have caught her eye. Knowing that she may think of you can build up your confidence.

Here are some signs that she likes you:

  • She may pay a lot of attention to you in a group or she may ignore you completely.
  • When you catch her eye she may blush or smile.
  • Her friends may giggle or whisper when they are around you.
  • When you both talk, you may get a good, flirtatious feeling.
  • She always looks for excuses to talk to you.
  • Notice how often she touches you and sees if she makes any stupid excuse for it. If she touches you once or twice then it doesn’t mean she likes you.

4.) Choose the Right Place and Time to Ask a Girl Out at School

Picking up a good opportunity to ask her out will improve your chances. If she wants to go out with you then she will definitely say yes. But you can improve your chances to get the answer by picking up the right place and time that is pretty private. Make sure don’t make her uncomfortable. Pick up the best time when she in a good mood and she is not stressed out or distracted.

5.) Think about Something You Can do Together

If you ask a girl out at school then you should think of something to do together. You may be concerned about whether or not she will say yes. It is good to plan something to do together when she says yes.

Here are some things that you can ask her to do:

  • You can go to a movie that is coming out.
  • You can go to a school dance that is coming up.
  • Go to the mall together and have lunch there.
  • You both can go to your favorite concert.
  • Go for a walk after school.
  • You can go to a birthday party together.

6.) Get Her Alone

Make sure that her friends are not around. Get her alone to get a bit of privacy. Pick up a time and place after school. Don’t ask her before school because she will be thinking about what she has to get done on that day. Also, don’t ask her before a test because she may be distracted. Pick up a time when she is not sad or stressed out. Approach her when she is in a good mood.

7.) Be Confident and Make a Small Talk

Your confidence will do the half work but also be a little nervous that show her you like her. You just need to keep your head high, let your body relax and put a smile on your face. Don’t act arrogant. Act like a cool guy and that any girl would like to date you.

  • Give some time so that you both feel comfortable. If you both are comfortable then you can ask her out easily and she can answer you. Say “Hi” and ask her “how are you?”
  • Tell her about yourself and ask her about her hobbies and interests.

8.) Ask Her Out

You don’t need to elaborate. Simply say, “I want to hang out with you. Will you go out with me?” Or you can ask, “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Now look at her face to see how she feels about it. When you ask her don’t look away. Make eye contact when you ask her out. She will be impressed to see your confidence.

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