How to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time?


In this article, we will tell you how to talk to a shy girl. If you are after a shy girl then you may have this question in your mind “how to talk to her?” It is really a tedious thing to start a conversation with a shy girl. That girl may be avoiding you and may try to hide her from you. This is a common thing with shy people. They do not talk to you on the first go. You should try different strategies to make her feel comfortable and to make her talk to you. There are some useful tips which you can use to initiate a conversation with a shy girl.

How to Talk to a Shy Girl

Tips on How to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

1. Put a Smile on Your Face to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

First of all, you should look friendly. Thus, you can put a nice smile on your face. It should be warm and inviting. The girl will find it friendly and open. She may try to have a conversation with you. You may practice it beforehand. Try to smile in front of a mirror or your friends. A smile is the most important aspect of any communication. It expresses your state of mind and your character.

2. Have Some Patience to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

You should have patience if you want to talk to a shy girl. She may not respond you very fastly. She will take some time to get comfortable with you. Shy people are introvert sometimes and may open out in front of those people who are close to them. Don’t show your aggression in front of her in any case otherwise, she may go back to her safe-shell.

3. Accept Her Shyness to Talk to a Shy Girl

You should accept her shyness and make her feel comfortable in her own skin. She may not get bold in the time to come. She may not be doing things which are far away from her comfort zone. Thus, you should take care of it while heading for having a conversation with her. Don’t ask her something which she may find intrusive. Generally, a shy girl wants to keep the talk very simple and short.

4. Be Expressive to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

Those people who are shy want their partner to be more expressive and communicative. It will make them feel balanced. Thus, you may show her how communicative and expressive you are. You can talk to her on interesting topics and may entertain her with your expressions. She may say one or two lines in between. But, make sure that you do not say anything offensive. Shy people are very much sensitive towards your speech as they speak very less. You can talk about what do you like about her and what is attractive about her personality.


5. Choose a Less Crowded Place to Talk to a Shy Girl You Lie for the First Time

Shy girls are crowd-conscious and they may not like you talk to her in a crowded place. However, do not stalk her in a deserted place either. She may get scared of you. You may take her to a cafe or some park where both of you can sit and talk. Take care that she should not get bothered by other people present there otherwise she may feel uncomfortable. She may get concerned about what other people may think about her.

6. Make Her Laugh to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

Women want to have a man in their life who can make them happy. Tell her about yourself and show your funny side to her. If you will keep the environment light and funny then you may be able to mark your impression on her mind. You will find her adding some humour to the surroundings. She may think that you are friendly and may like to get along with you. She may give small comments and replies to you. You should expect only this much from her. If she will spend a good time with you then she definitely would look forward to spend more time with you in future.

7. Use Subtle Approach to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

You should not rush up things while dealing with a shy girl. She may get confused and may back off. A subtle and gradual approach may provide her enough time to get acquainted with you. You may talk to her once a day and then leave her thinking about you. You should try to read her eyes. She may not say everything to you using words. Observe her body language to find out her feelings for you. She may smile back at you to confirm you as her partner. shy people are bit more sensitive therefore they feel bad very easily because they take everything over their heart. Therefore you need to be very careful not to hurt her feelings and sentiments.

8. Don’t Feel Nervous to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

You should be confident in your approach while talking to her. If you feel nervous then she will get more nervous and uncomfortable. It will make the situation more awkward. She can sense the fear in your approach in a more amplified manner. You may get the feeling to push her to talk to you but it should be abandoned. You cannot force her to talk to you. She is already a shy girl and your desperation may scare her off. Use a confident voice to support your words and influence her with your personality.

9. Use Social Media to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Time

You may use social media to keep your conversation continued. She may open up there in a better way. Usually, shy people feel more comfortable in texting and chatting with their partners. Sitting behind the gadgets make them feel more confident and straightforward. You may have more things to talk on when you meet her next time. Thus, you may opt for this method of communication to make a connection with her. If you will keep on insisting her to meet then she may get annoyed and may stop talking to you. Talking on social media would be the safest option to choose when talking to a shy girl. You can even get more time to talk while talking on social media.

10. Be Sincere and Simple to Talk to a Shy Girl You Like for the First Tim

You can win a shy girl’s heart only if you are not showing off too much. You should be sincere and simple to get her close to you. She may notice it in your behavior. If you try to do awkward things like winking at her and calling out her name in public then she may get scared of you. Show your kindness and compassion to win her heart. A shy girl might avoid you if you are too much of a show off.

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